Wish History

WISH is a business entity, but I suppose that entity is all about Christian Kanienberg.  To some people he is just “Chris”, the sincere, artsy guy with a contagious laugh.  To others he is “Babe”, “Dad”, and “Son”, and he has the most amazing family who support his crazy way of making a living as an artist, and his wife has photographic evidence of this.    His salesmanship is less dependent upon his words and more rooted in his portfolio, and he will make great efforts to put every ounce of himself into his works no matter how large or small.

His career started at 3 or 4 when his earliest dabbling in crayons showed potential beyond the stick figures and scribblings of his peers.  His parents enrolled him in group and private lessons with Cincinnati area artists local to where he was raised.  It was then that he practiced oils and worked with traditional fine art mediums like charcoals and watercolors.

the very crayon box that started it all

Later in High School he showed an adept means to plan by way of architectural drafting and continued to work with traditional drawing and painting.  He quickly learned that he was not a competitive athlete, so he had the time to get lost in his art in addition to volunteering at a local YMCA where for years he was a part of their Youth Group, The Leaders Club.

After gaining acceptance to the College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning (DAAP) at the University of Cincinnati, his eyes were opened wide by the fields of study that included sculpture, video, writing,and poetry.  He made an incredible group of friends that included a young photographer and fellow fine artist who would later become his wife, but that is another story.   Later in college, Christian utilized a semi-shelved CO-OP program that earned him a semester working as an artisan in the Exhibits Department at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden.   It was there that his eyes were opened to the infinite possibilities of working as a commercial artist.   Most of his experience at the zoo involved mold making, casting, sculpting, and some mural work.  He was invited to stay on as a part-time artisan while he finished his studies.

Upon graduation Christian worked locally for  DeLuco Architectural Metals as part of the fabrication team.  He also worked as a landscape design draftsman, before gaining employment with Chicago based Skyline Design, where he worked as a project manager and sculptor,  creating and installing works in aquariums, themed restaurants, and casinos.  After moving to the East Coast, Christian took a job as a Scenic Charge where he gained vast experiences with fabrication of theatrical sets and more museum work. He then began to build up side work and eventually launched Wish Painting and Sculpture as his full-time business in August of 2004.

Since the inception, WISH has grown into several entities which include WISH Creatives which is a retail based extension that offers art-objects, original sculptures and paintings, industrial and antique items.  WISH is proud to have spent the years successfully cultivating a client list that includes hosts of commercial and residential customers.  Currently Christian is networked with artists, carpenters and electricians… florists, landscapers, craftsman, architects, and engineers.

He wins awards, or he helps his clients win them, He beautifies interiors and exteriors, He upcycles, He helps brand with brand new things that sometimes look really old.   Creatively speaking – He does it all.