The Falls

The story of working with Capano Residential dates back to the summer of 2019.  In the pre-Pandemic world, we were working towards creating a mural design for a bridge which would garner thousands of views each day.  Turns out, a bridge that is owned by a railroad, which falls in the city limits, and requires lane closures involves a LOT of red tape.  Enter a golden opportunity without that ugly red tape…

My contact at Capano (Zach) just happened to stop by a Wine and Spirits shop in Trolley Square, and left with a renewed outlook on the mural project.   The very visible side of the building had an outdated mural on it, and was in a state of disrepair (the bells of opportunity ringing), so it was pitched to the building owner to repair and have a new mural painted on the building.  I spoke with Zach the next day, and within a month the mural was complete.   It just happened to be one of those jobs that took off and landed flawlessly.

The greatest satisfaction that I could possibly get from a project like this, is to walk away satisfying two major goals.

#1 – Make the client look good and communicate their brand.

#2 – Make the work about the art, regardless of advert.

The true cherry on top was that the mural serves as a major upgrade to the local community. Both business owners and local residents will be able to appreciate the work for years to come.  Oh, and we ain’t done yet!

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