The Days Are Running Together

Friday April 17th, 2020

Dear Diary,

I forgot to take my allergy meds yesterday and I feel crummy today.  We are pretty much five weeks into this mess and it’s another Spring day of periodic sun (which is nice) but its pretty chilly.  I am looking forward to the home edition of Real Time later tonight, though the TGIF feels aren’t what they were before.   As for work, I have a really great new service (that is socially distancing friendly) being developed in the wings…  and the shop, of yeah the shop.  After 5 weeks of this shelter in place business, I FINALLY started the great purge.  I haven’t done a proper clean out since ’16 so I am finding some gems under all of the layers and dust.  Boxes of artifacts from what feels like decades ago.   I am also having fun actually finishing some small projects that I started somewhere along the trail,  just for me : A vintage Victorian heat lamp converted into a Edison approved one, and a newly mended 1960 something boat logo from the ’18 Flower Show, which will go in my office.  The little steps in accomplishing things feels as close to satisfying as its gonna get.

As for my personal health, I thought the nerve pain had subsided but NOPE!  I was about to brush my teeth a couple nights ago and the dull pain started to come in like a slow wave, and then ZAP!!!!  ZA-ZAAAP!!!! The dumb luck with getting filling work done the Friday before businesses closed, and it turned into “sorry sir this is gonna be a root canal, we are just gonna put a temporary filling in until you can come back”.   I never thought I would actually look forward to a trip back to the dentist, but I am.  I am ready.   I must say though, the nightly doses of liquid courage assist with the terrorist nerve in my jaw.  Other than that, walking the dogs a bunch, exercising and spending time outside helps.  I did forget again about what day it was.  I thought we were having two Wednesdays this week, but noooooooo.

House projects that have been put off since the world still rotated are starting to get tackled.  I think my new favorite color is the pub-like vintage green in the downstairs bathroom.  Monopoly has never been such a popular daily activity in, well, ever.   We rotate between Stranger Things and Nightmare before Christmas versions.  I favor the totems of the upside down TV or the dead duck car.  Thimbles are so 80’s.

I will say that I am less stressed, and I have backed off on the candy.  Sadly though, without my Cuban coffee from Wawa, adding sugar back to the home brew is the only way I can enjoy the stuff.  I haven’t had my Wawa coffee in five god damned weeks.  The daily White House press briefings are sobering mixtures of horror, sadness, and shock.   Oh yeah, Bernie tapped out, so our Delaware boy Joe is who we’ve got.  Looking forward to seeing who he picks as his veep, and the return to a time when hearing someones political affiliation didn’t make one cringe before they even opened their mouths.  Tap your ruby slippers please Dorothy.

Well, the really interesting thing that happened this week was -that – I – made a piece of art!  Yay me!  In doing so, I realized that I hadn’t made a work that wasn’t a part of an installation, or of a commercial nature, in a very long time.  I have collected so many objects over the years, and it always got me down to see them just trapped in buckets and bins.  I saw the Delaware Contemporary’s post about a found object sculpture contest on Instagram, and well…   Found Object Sculpture (like murals)  is my happy place.  Who can resist a good Tom Waits song while foundering thru boxes of fabric and feathers,  and bins of rusty metal hardware bits?  OK, that doesn’t sound appealing to most folks, I get it but well, I fell in love again.   I am already lining up materials for a follow up, but the work I made for the contest was posted, and has received a nice response.   Here’s hoping it will gain the most “likes” so it can be one display when the gallery reopens.  Popularity contests are not my thing but it got the blood flowing again.

We are gonna need some art out there when the dust settles and rows are lined up for their vaccines.  Art and music soothes the soul.  Speaking of, I forgot how much I like Bob Dylan.   His new release is called Murder Most Foul.  Kennedy’s assassination is the subject matter but it’s about so much more…  a lyrical masterpiece of Americana.

All for now Diary.  I am running low on ink, and need to get back to it.



The work above is yet to be titled, but is made up of old drawers, pine branches (that fell in the yard after all that crazy wind last week), an old can, wild turkey and pheasant feathers, broken glass, a vintage photograph, parts of a very old film projector, and taxidermy of a Brown Recluse.      I wanted to work around the idea of things being cropped and contained in a small space. where children, glass chards, and a big ole spider and all present. The broken glass represents the fracture of our lives as we knew it (like children in school).  Everything is purposefully muted, so it’s more about textures and shadows…  If you think its cool, hop on my INSTAGRAM and give it a like.

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