If you can think of material then I can likely confirm that it has been used to create a WISH sculpture at any given point in the nearly 20 years since working in the industry.  Wood, Concrete, Steel, Aluminum, Found Objects, Fabric, Plastics, Epoxies, Fiber Glass, Plaster, Latex and on and on.  We can make custom furniture,  We can make original sculptures. We can make armatures for topiaries. We can create custom molds for multiples castings.  WISH for what you want.

Philadelphia Flower Show

Since 2004, WISH has been partnering with Florists and Landscapers to successfully win 15 Best in Show awards.  Since 2018, we have partnered with Flower Haus and have been a major exhibitor of our very own.

commercial sculpture

This concrete hand sculpture was created in 2016 for a newly renovated Perryville Elementary in Maryland.  WISH has partnered with architects to add flourishes and focal works for countless new and renovated projects alike.