DE Artist Refugee-Themed Exhibit Wins Bronze

In our 3rd outing as a major exhibitor at the Philadelphia Flower Show, team WISH tackled the incredibly heavy theme of the refugee crisis, and pulled out our second bronze medal at the largest indoor flower show on the planet.  The exhibit titled disPLACEd, features vignettes of the top 5 countries plagued by the global refugee crisis.  This was selected as a theme in response to the shows title of “Riviera Holiday”.  Featured nations are Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, South Sudan, and Myanmar.

In partnering once more with Mark Harding of Flower Haus, we delivered a comprehensive botanical showing of plants and floral, either native to each region of crises, or which match the aesthetic and are trending in the industry.   Also returning to our team was a group of visual art students whom were each responsible for creating murals on the exterior of the exhibits walls (made of doors) representative of the 5 nations focused on within.

Once more,  I could not express more pride in my team.  Mark, Jeremy, Nevada, Alizah, Kayley, and Brady… we did it.   I keep hearing the similar responses from complete strangers –  “Thank you for tackling this subject”.
(photography by Jason Prezant)

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