Murals and custom hand-drawn graphics are pretty much the sweet spot for WISH.  I still carry the fondest memories of siting in my grandparents kitchen and coloring next to my Grandfather, who would create cartoon drawings.  I still have that very box (above).  40+ years later, I am doing some of the same things that I loved then, except now for a living.

Newark DE CSX Bridge

Designed by others but painted by WISH originally in 2006, and then touched up in 2016.  It spans 5 lanes of traffic over a very busy road, but both sides were originally completed in less than 16 working days

The Roxbury Experience

Since 2007 Wish has been commissioned to create custom pieces of artwork in order to help fuel the magic that this destination possesses.  From Wizard of OZ and Indiana Jones themed suites, to the grandeur of Stratton Falls historic inspired mansion rooms,  it has been a portfolio packing journey.  Visit the Roxbury in the gorgeous Catskill Mountains of NY.

“Chalk” menus and mural have been all the rage for the past several years.  Despite chalk being wipeable, murals can have the look of chalk (even with smear marks), while being easily wiped down without any adverse effects on the art.

For special effects, there are ways to actually have “hidden” compositions within murals that are not seen unless lit by black light.  These examples are from The Roxbury at Stratton Falls in the New York Catskills.  This is actually a bedroom suite with a 3 stage effect : traditional paint, black light paints, and paint that glows when all lights are out.  ( Photographs by Nils Schlebusch )